Chorizo Fried Rice 西洋腸炒飯

Fried rice became my favourite lunch for one recently – quick, warm, hearty and healthy. Once the rice is cooked in my little rice cooker I chop and fry up whatever I have at hand, drop in the rice and drizzle in some soy sauce. The best fried rice calls for “over-night rice” – cooked rice that’s been left in the fridge over night, as it gets a little dry and gives a better texture. This makes fried rice the best solution for dinner left-overs. Then there is the endless argument regarding the eggs – whether to cook it first then mix in with everything so you get solid chunks, or to pour it over the rice at the end so every grain of rice is enhanced. My favourite fried rice has to be a combination of something cruchy – veggies, something soft – eggs, something chewy – rice and something savoury – meat.

Today is chorizo, greens, eggs, tomato and Korean chilly paste.




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