Homemade Yogurt 自製酸奶

In this part of the world you have roughly two options for yogurt in the supermarket: The cheap local ones that taste like yogurt flavoured drinks with lots of additives, or the fancy imported ones that taste great with less additives but cost a fortune. And yet, yogurt must be one of the easiest thing to make at home!

100% Natural and Delicious Yogurt

What you need:

  • 500ml – Milk
  • 1 tbsp of – Yogurt (as a starter)
  • Mason Jar (or any non-metal lidded container really)
  • a Thermos (or an oven, or an ice box)

Any milk would do, low fat, pasteurized.. take your pick. I believe in “100% in moderation” so I despise skimmed milk and always go for the full. Cream or powder milk can also be added for extra flavours. Pick your favourite store bought natural yogurt as the starter yogurt, as the flavouring can vary. I picked one with the least additives. It can also be substituted for dry yogurt starters. For thermos pick a good one so the ideal temperature will sustain longer, there are yogurt makers for sale but they are quite unnecessary.


1. Heat the milk to 80ºC (or watch it closely until it just starts to froth), stirring often.

2. Let milk cool to between 40-48ºC (or test with a finger, it should be the temperature of a hot bath), stirring often to prevent the skin forming.

3. a. Thermos method: pour milk in thermos, drop in yogurt, close tight and shake it up, let rest.

b. Oven method: pour milk in jar, drop in yogurt, mix well and lid, leave in oven with oven light on.

c. Ice box method: pour milk in jar, drop in yogurt and mix well, fill box with 40-48ºC/hot bath temperature water, bathe jar in water and close box (lidded rim needs to stay above water).

4. Leave for 8 hours or overnight, voila. (in the case of thermos transfer yogurt to a jar for refrigeration.)

The longer you leave the yogurt to develop, the thicker it becomes. For Greek style yogurt, strain the finished product through a few layers of muslin cloth for a few hours (refrigerate the whole thing or leave in a cool place. The strained out liquid – whey has its uses too). Sugar can be added to the milk if you like it sweet, or better yet, add various syrup, honey, fresh fruit or whatever when serving. Yum!

The finished product will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, and the next batch can be started from this one – it’s better to make it within a week though, when the crucial bacterias are more lively.

80ºC is when the milk just starts to froth 牛奶在80ºC開始均勻地起泡泡




  • 500ml – 牛奶
  • 1湯匙 – 酸奶 (用來做種子)
  • 有蓋的瓶子(玻璃或塑膠都可以,用來裝成品)
  • 保溫瓶 (或者烤箱,或者野餐用的那種裝冰的保溫箱)

甚麼牛奶都可以選用:低脂,UHT… 還可以在裡面加奶油或者奶粉來增加味道。這裡用的是全脂。酸奶就選平時最喜歡的(自然口味的)牌子,因為成品味道也會受到影響。當然了既然要自製就盡量選質量好些添加物少的比較好。另外如果買的到還可以用粉狀的“酸奶種子”。保溫瓶也選質量好的,可以更長久的保持適宜溫度。市面還有專門的“酸奶製作套裝”,可那基本上就是一個保溫瓶和一個瓶子套起來,沒有甚麼買的必要。


1. 加熱牛奶至80ºC,要經常攪拌(沒有溫度計的話就看著到牛奶剛開始均勻地起泡泡的時候)

2. 冷卻牛奶至40-48ºC,經常攪拌避免奶皮形成(用手指試的話就是很熱的熱水澡的溫度)

3. a. 保溫瓶方法:將牛奶倒入保溫瓶,放入酸奶,蓋緊搖勻,靜置

b. 烤箱方法:將牛奶倒入瓶子,放入酸奶攪勻,蓋緊,放在烤箱里,打開烤箱照明燈,靜置

c. 保溫箱方法:將牛奶倒入瓶子,放入酸奶攪勻,蓋緊,保溫箱里注入40-48ºC溫水,將酸奶瓶浸入溫水(不要末過瓶口哦),靜置

4. 靜置8個小時或一晚後,成功!(用保溫瓶方法的把成品轉移至瓶子)



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