Homemade Pasta 自制意粉

Pasta is another thing I cannot go back to store-bought after making myself. Seems to me now it is unforgivable for restaurants to serve dried pasta – it is so easy to make fresh!

Homemade Pasta

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 250g All-purpose Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • Cold or Chilled Water


  1. Mix eggs and flour, mix in water until a firm dough forms.
  2. Knead for 8mins, cover with glad wrap or damp cloth and leave for 30mins.
  3. Roll thin then feed through pasta machine to make a long, thin sheet, repeat if necessary until sheet is smooth and without lumps.
  4. Feed sheet through noodle cutting side (or not if making lasagna, ravioli and the likes).
  5. Cook as your recipe directed. (dried pasta usually takes 10mins to cook, but fresh ones takes only 3mins or so – drop noodles in when water boils, stir and wait till it boils again and it should be about done.)

If not using pasta machine then instead of Step3-4 roll dough out to 5mm thin with a rolling pin, fold and repeat until sheet becomes smooth and elastic, roll to 1mm thin then cut into shapes desired.

This pasta also freezes well, just sprinkle on some flour and toss to coat evenly to prevent sticking, then bag it in portions and freeze. Cooking frozen pasta is the same as fresh ones, just be more careful with stirring to keep the noodles from sticking into a lump.



  • 250g 中筋麵粉
  • 2顆 蛋
  • 冷水或冰水


  1. 打在麵粉裡,適量加揉至麵團形成。
  2. 揉8分鐘,用保鮮膜或濕布蓋起來靜置30分鐘。
  3. 擀薄後送入義粉機壓成薄片,有需要的話重複幾次,直到麵片變的光滑沒有顆粒。
  4. 將麵片送入麵條切割那邊(如果做千層面或義式餃子的話這部就省去了)
  5. 按所用食譜煮熟即可(一般乾的店售義粉要煮10分鐘才熟,可是新鮮的基本上水開後面條下去等水再開就熟了,千萬不要煮軟了)


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