XO Sauce Tossed Noodles XO醬撈面

XO Sauce is a seafood sauce originated in Hong Kong. Lots of famous restaurants have their own secret recipes but the basic contents are dried scollops, shrimp, fish, shallots, garlic and chilly. It is great on noodles, stir-fries or anything you’d like to spice up. Few people have the time to make their own XO sauce these days, but just like everything else homemade, it tastes so much better that way. The most popular store-bought OX sauce is made by Lee Kum Kee.

Tossed noodles is easy and also healthy that it comes onto our table whenever I’m too lazy to cook or not feeling like a big meal. This is just an example of how I like it. You can open the fridge, cut up whatever is sitting in there, make a stir-fry, or not, and mix everything together with a bit of seasoning – XO sauce in this case. Homemade noodles are of course the best for it, but anything works.

XO Sauce Tossed Noodles (serves 2)

  • 250g Noodles
  • 100g Pork – cut into shreds
  • a few Shiitake Mushrooms – cut into shreds
  • 2 Green Chillies – core if you don’t like it spicy, cut into shreds
  • 2 small Cucumber – cut into shreds
  • 2 Eggs – beaten
  • 1tbsp Sesame Oil
  • 2tbsp XO Sauce
  • Soy Sauce


  1. Put mushrooms in a hot pan (no oil) and stir until cooked, then push to the side of the pan. Cooking it this way brings out a lot more aroma than sauteing in oil.
  2. Drizzle some oil in the cleared space and put in pork, quickly brown then mix with mushrooms, add green chilly and season with soy sauce. Set aside.
  3. Pour egg in a lightly greased nonstick pan(1 egg at a time for a 9inch pan). Gently tilt the pan so egg covers the whole bottom, to make a thin pancake. Heat until egg turns solid and gently bubbles, take out and cut into shreds.
  4. Boil water in a pot and cook noodles, drain when done and toss with sesame oil to prevent sticking. If sesame oil is too strong for you olive oil can be used. One way to give the noodles a better texture is to give it a quick rinse in cold water then drain (before oiling).
  5. Serve noodles in plates, stack on the finished stir-fry, shredded eggs and cucumber,  add 1tbsp of XO sauce to each plate and serve (or toss everything together then serve).
  6. Toss and enjoy!
Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce 李錦記XO醬
Anything in the fridge would do

Egg Pancake 蛋餅


XO醬撈麵 (2人份)

  • 250g 麵條
  • 100g 豬肉 - 切絲
  • 幾朵 冬菇 - 切絲
  • 2個 青椒 - 切絲
  • 2個 小黃瓜 - 切絲
  • 2個 蛋
  • 1湯匙 - 麻油
  • 2湯匙 - XO醬
  • 醬油


  1. 熱鍋裡不要加油乾炒冬菇到熟 - 這樣菇的香味更濃郁,推倒鍋的一邊。
  2. 在騰出的空間倒點油,加入豬肉炒至不見血色後跟冬菇混在一起,加入青椒翻兩翻,加醬油調味。熄火放置一邊。
  3. 打好蛋後倒入加了一點點油的溫熱的不粘鍋(9寸鍋的話一次倒一顆蛋的份量),稍微傾倒鍋子讓蛋液覆蓋整個鍋底,加熱至蛋變成薄薄的蛋餅。倒出切絲。
  4. 熱水煮麵條,熟後倒掉麵湯並加入一湯匙麻油拌勻,如果不喜歡麻油的味道可以用橄欖油。如果像麵口感更好可以過冷河(煮完後用冷水沖一沖)。
  5. 麵上盤,鋪上蛋絲,黃瓜絲和炒菜,每份加上一湯匙XO醬,拌勻即可。

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