Potato Bread and Chicken Soup for the Cold 馬鈴薯面包雞湯來禦寒

What better than some comfort soup and hearty bread to fight off the drenching cold? I’m such a terrible bread maker that in the past my bread was only good for breaking into little chunks and dropping in soups… However Frugal Feeding’s Potato Bread seems fool-prove enough even for me to work up some fresh confidence. And guess what, it was a success! We still had it with soup, but this time because it was so good.

I didn’t have all his ingredients at hand so instead of spring onion and cheddar I made Parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and basil. The moisture from the potato, the little hot pockets of cheese lifted by the sun-dried tomato, together with a hot sweet chicken soup did such a good job of keeping winter outside.

Next time though I may try to caramelize the onion to make it even more warming.

對付又冷又濕的天氣最好的辦法就是熱熱的雞湯配剛出爐的麵包。我一直是個失敗的麵包師,每次的出品都只能撕成小小塊放進湯裡,不然牙齒真的受不了。可是Frugal Feeding的馬鈴薯麵包感覺真的好簡單喔,讓我重拾信心決定再試一下。結果是…成功了!





  • 185g 馬鈴薯 - 削皮切碎絲
  • 160g 自發粉
  • 40g 黑麥粉(我也沒有就用全麥代替)
  • 60g 車打芝士 - 切塊(我用巴馬臣代替)
  • 1顆 蛋
  • 2湯匙 牛奶
  • 半個洋蔥-切碎
  • 2條蔥-切碎(我用適量曬乾番茄和羅勒代替)
  • 2茶匙 番茜
  • 1撮 乾辣椒碎
  • 1茶匙 鹽
  • 適量 黑胡椒碎


  1. 除了牛奶和雞蛋外所有的材料混合。
  2. 將牛奶和雞蛋混合均勻後與之前的材料混合,需要的話適量加牛奶,直到形成濕濕的,不成形的麵團。
  3. 將麵團攤在焗爐紙上成一個厚厚的圓形,放入預熱至200ºC的焗爐裡烤45-50分鐘。

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fantastic! A perfect rendition of my bread!

    1. PukakiBlue says:

      Yes thank you so much! It was YUMMY and it was my first successful bread attempt! 🙂

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