Angela’s Cafe

“Make your own” sandwich in giant croissant


Located on the 1st floor of Macau’s only shopping mall without a Casino – New Yao Han and under the name of the “Gambling God” Stanley Ho’s fourth wife Angela, Angela’s Cafe is a popular tourist spot. Being intimidated by the waiting line, it took me 8 years to finally give it a try. I’m glad I did though. It’s small and simple, nothing fancy just freshly backed pastry and good produce. Either go with one of the chef’s specials or build your own sandwich, get a Chef’s Salad and a decent piece of cake, have a glass of fresh juice. The servings are very generous and staff are quick and friendly, very old-Macau like.

8年來終於去了賭王四太太Angela名下的Cafe。位於澳門唯一不帶賭場的百貨商店2樓,Angela’s Cafe一直是遊客必到的地方,門口總是排起長龍。其實還真是值得一去,店面不大,很有舊時的葡國風味,菜單很簡單,新鮮的麵包和高質量的配料,非常足的份量喔三文治和廚師沙律都要有人分享才行。貨真價實的鮮果汁,同樣下足料的甜點,員工動作很快也友善,很有老澳門街坊的感覺。

Almond White Chocolate Cake

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