Roast Beef Tenderloin 燒牛腰肉

L1040685How can you not love a juicy and pink roast tenderloin! A great family meal and even better cold! We had this with roasted vegetables and homemade Aioli. As the first slices go through I’m thinking about tomorrow’s sandwiches and steak salads already…

The Pioneer Woman Cooks has a great recipe for this, I only changed it as I avoid pre-mixed spices whenever possible – there’s nothing like the aroma of freshly cracked peppercorns and the likes. That and olive oil really shouldn’t be used to sear meat.

Roast Beef Tenderloin (serves 2-3)


  • 1/3 Beef Tenderloin – trimmed and pat dry
  • 1tbsp Bacon fat (or butter)

Spice Mix:

  • 1tbsp Flaky Sea Salt (or other flavourful flaky salt, I used Pink Himalayan)
  • 1tbsp Peppercorns – cracked
  • 1tbsp Coriander Seeds – cracked
  • 1tsp Cumin Seeds – craked


  1. Massage spice mix into meat, leaving 1tpsb full or so, leave to marinate for 30mins or more.
  2. Sear Meat in bacon fat over high heat. (This step is very important as tenderloin is very dry meat, if there’s no extra fat added it has a tendency to go dry. Animal fat is also better here because of the generally higher burning point and extra flavours.)
  3. Move meat into 245ºC oven, sprinkle rest of the spice mix on top, roast for 15mins for medium rare (20mins for medium).
  4. Take meat out and rest in a warm place under foil for 10mins (Another crucial step for the juiciness of meat). Ready to serve!
Marinate with spice mix 揉進香料醃製一下
Oven after searing 煎熟表面後放入烤箱


The Pioneer Woman Cooks 有個很好的烤牛腰肉食譜,不過我做了修改因為不喜歡預調好的香料粉 - 整顆的香料新鮮砸開的味道是任何預料粉料都無法比的。另外橄欖油也不可以用來高溫烹調。



  • 1/3 牛腰肉 - 去筋,吸乾水分
  • 1湯匙 煎培根出的油(或牛油,豬油)


  • 1湯匙 海鹽(或其他大顆的鹽,我用了粉紅喜馬拉雅石鹽,不要用精鹽不然會死咸)
  • 1湯匙 整顆胡椒粒(放在保鮮袋裡用錘子砸碎,香味溢出即可不需太碎)
  • 1湯匙 芫茜籽 (砸碎)
  • 1茶匙 孜然 (砸碎)


  1. 將醃製香料(留1湯匙左右)混合揉在在肉表面,按摩一下讓其充分吸收,醃30分鐘或更久。
  2. 熱鍋裡加入培根油,快速煎熟肉的表面封住血水。(這一步很重要,因為牛腰肉很容易變幹,如果另外加上油來烹調很容易變成牛肉乾。另外用動物油的原因是熔點高且更有味道。)
  3. 將肉放入245ºC的烤箱,將剩下的醃製香料撒在上面,烤15分鐘(三成熟的效果,怕生的話可以烤20分鐘成5成熟,但不要更久了不然肉會又硬又乾,全熟的牛扒是沒有人吃的)。
  4. 將肉取出放在一個溫暖的地方蓋上錫紙靜置10分鐘(這一步也非常重要,會令肉質更加鮮嫩多汁)。可以吃了!

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