Tasting Room 御膳房

I’m in love with this restaurant because of the butter it serves. I never let bread take up too much room of a meal and oil and vinegar was always my choice until for the first time I tasted the most delicate, creamy and flavourful butter at the Michelin starred Tasting Room by chef Guillaume Galliot. Located on the 3rd floor of Crown Towers, City of Dreams with a floor-to-ceiling view of the Cotai Strip, this has always been my favourite secret spot. For some reason French cuisine has never been the most popular in this town, but I just love the subtle balance and how everything is fine tuned to perfection.

大廚Guillaume Galliot主理的米其林一星御膳房位於新濠天地皇冠酒店3樓。來這裡之前從不知道原來簡單一塊配餐前麵包的牛油也可以這麼美味,每次都情不自禁的吃掉大半塊。法國餐在澳門似乎一直不是十分受歡迎,可這裡一直是我心愛的秘密地點,愛的就是那味覺上的低調奢華,那精細到極點的追求。

Best butter ever 最美味的牛油
Plancha squid, baby zucchini salad, escabeche sauce 香煎墨魚伴青瓜沙律
Australian lamb cooked two ways with shallot confit and natural jus 澳洲羊肉二重奏伴油浸洋蔥配蔥汁
Sticky date pudding with butterscotch icecream 蜜棗布丁伴忌廉雪糕

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