Island style on urban city scale

It is now my 10th month in this country, and while still facing hard adjustments (marriage certificate damaged by officials and still don’t have a dining table for two) I am enjoying life here. Bluer skies and friendly people, helps you look away from the horrendous power outages and floods brought by typhoons and bad city planning, and the non-existent “Asian efficiency”. Manila is island style running on urban city scale.

I haven’t exactly been adventurous, there are good eats around but coming from a place full of show-off restaurants where profiting is thought less of and a culture with respect for quality food, I haven’t been wowed yet. Unless when making extra effort to have a night out, our diet has been restrained to what comes out of my kitchen. Any delivery takes one hour to arrive and almost only bland chain restaurants deliver anyways. As much as I miss our weekly outings and deliveries I do welcome the change, for it forces me to be more productive. Even though it depresses me not being able to find good quality produce. That’s an ongoing quest I guess. The unexpected pleasant surprise though is making many fellow food loving friends who love to cook from around the globe, the interaction and inspiration is priceless.

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