Spiced Burger Pattie with Baked Truffle Potato mash

Simple and quick kid friendly meal. Burger pattie made of Wagyu rump mince spiced up more from the boring old garlic and onion, flash grilled on the hot barbe until juicy and flavour packed. That thin crust through baking the humble mash just makes it that much more interesting, while a hint of truffle elevates the potato from its plainness.

Spices for pattie:

finely diced garlic and onion (minimal is enough)
mix and ground:
coriander seeds
cumin seeds
black pepper
mild chilly flakes
graham masala
dash of brandy
minimal salt

MUST use freshly ground spices, it does make that big a difference. Brandy guarantees the juiciness, and no combining agent is needed for holding up the patties as long as excess liquid is squeezed off the meat before mixing with spices.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. miencuisine says:

    truffled potato mash is the best- also yummy with steaks!

    1. PukakiBlue says:

      Oh yes.. Steaks, bangers, certain vegetarian mains.. I’d take it any day! 🙂

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