So this is goodbye 

So this is goodbye. I’m lost in words. The end of another chapter of our life. 
It has been a love-hate relationship with a lot of love. The helplessness of the infrastructure and the frustration of every detail in everyday life; the sense of community and warmth and the generosity and smiles. Philippines will always be a special place for us for this is where our daughter was born, and we have made so many friends who I know will be for life.

I’ve quit all the social help groups, painstakingly canceled my phone and other accounts – anyone who has spent some time here would know exactly what I mean. At this moment I am feeling exceptionally happy to have gone through Ninoy Aquino International Airport for the very last time – especially when they had extra hassle waiting for us just as a souvenir. I feel peace sitting in the lounge waiting for my flight to board, I can’t wait to be airborne and I can’t wait to feel the thump of my aircraft’s wheels hitting ground at our destination Christchurch. I’m itching to not feel the tropical heat or see only lush green for a change and I can’t wait to be able to put on my scarves, gloves and thick jackets again and to bundle the kids up. To sit by a fire and to take a deep breath of that crisp, clean air. And maybe even see some snow, if we are lucky. 

And to all the friends we’ve made here, we will meet again soon in other corners of the world, talking about life over a glass of wine or seven. 

This is not goodbye.            

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