Easter mushroom walk 

After the cyclone blew past we took a short walk to the nearby Fraser River. The dry ground of Mackenzie country finally got a good soaking and the fascinating kingdom of mushrooms reveals itself. We know better than to pick up strange mushrooms but it is such a treat to see their beauty. Short-lived and secretive, it is easy to not see them if you are not looking. 

I am no mushroom expert, but the pure white one looks very dangerous to me, possibly the Destroying Angel with is serene white gills. The one with the ink stained flaring “claws” seems clearly an ink cap. I have no idea what the other ones are but could not help stopping to admire them. 

It feels almost like a Easter egg hunt. I will not get to eat these, but there is still some lavender sea salt chocolate in the back of the fridge at home. 

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