About 關於

Food is the one thing that lights up my face in an instant. Born in a Northern Chinese half Manchurian half Han family, both nomad style beef and lamb and sophisticated dumpling and noodles were on our table. At the age of 6 we moved to the southern end of the country, where I am still overwhelmed by the varieties of produce, and how delicate and full the natural flavours of quality ingredients can be. Later I built my own half Kiwi half Chinese family in East Asia’s oldest colony and current casino boom town – Macau, and spent a decade indulging ourselves in both old Portuguese courtyards and new born international Michelin restaurants.

Now we’ve begun our life in Philippines, and I am on the mission of finding out what the food here is all about.

I do not understand the modern “healthy substitutes”, why not just stick with the real good thing but have less(or/and exercise more)? I love butter and full fat milk, I steer away from margarine and low fat yogurt. I love char-grilled meat and fresh lemon zest, I hate rolled ham and bottled salad dressings. I love freshly ground coffee and vanilla pods, I get depressed from boxed juice drinks and artificial sweeteners.

Pukaki Blue – Lake Pukaki is  where we call home in South Island, New Zealand. One day we will return, to raise our kids, some dogs some pigs, chickens and more. It’s our reminder while living in the chaotic urban buzz, that pristine, glacial milky blue.


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