About 關於

Hi it’s Claudia.

It’s been a long journey but here we are – on the shore of Pukaki.

The silty glacial blue. The crumbly loess. The wilding pines.

The love affair began in 2007. Dream took shape in 2011. It became our reality in 2019. Good things take time they say.

And what good things we have. The sun. The storms. The occasional snowfall. The walks in the trees. The dark skies, the dazzling stars. The ever-growing “ToDo” list. We live it. Breath it. Love it. We feel fortunate our children will have all these engraved in their hearts.

Here, we share. We hope you like it. For love of food, life, the wild. That pale glacial blue.

I cook. I write. I paint. I dabble in a few other crafts and I forage sometimes. I try to grow food. We hunt. We keep bees. We fish but are no good. I pick up tools and build basic things sometimes.

We are far from self sufficient. But we try.

Thank you for stopping by.


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